Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to Wood 'n' Toys; Fairfield Intermediate's home of clever construction and mechanical marvels. The Inventor Centre and School Magazine are also run from the workshop - check out their links too...Students in the workshop become familiar with cams, levers, pulleys, and cranks; and eventually create their own mechanical masterpiece.

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Components: Cam, Pulley, Lever, Crank, Axle
Materials: 3 & 6mm MDF, Plywood, Dowel, Brass
Types of Motion: Rotary, Linear, Reciprocating, Oscillating
Tools: Coping Saw, Tenon Saw, Bench-hook, Laminator, Sanding board, Tri-square, Mitre-square, Bench vice, Machine vice
Files: Square, Three-square, Round, Half-round, Flat
Details: Tapers, Smooth edges,
Techniques: Prenailing, templating, Push-fit
Adhesives: Masking tape, double-sided tape, PVA glue, Glue-stick
Safety: safety glasses, covered shoes, hair tied back, aprons

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